Monthly Archive 15 April 2024

Making North East Lincolnshire better for everyone

This is the key message of the manifesto launched by the borough’s Conservative group in the run-up to this year’s local elections.

It is the only party locally to publish a manifesto, which sets out the extensive progress made since the last local election, exciting projects currently taking place to improve our area, and ambitious plans for future development. The document, with a forward from North East Lincolnshire Conservatives leader Philip Jackson, also outlines pledges to residents as polling day, Thursday, May 2, approaches – highlighting that his party continues to promote progression and growth for the area, not standing still or looking backwards.

“Five years ago, the people of Grimsby, Cleethorpes and Immingham elected North East Lincolnshire Council’s first majority Conservative administration,” said Coun Jackson, who is also leader of the council. “We were elected on an ambitious manifesto, and we have already delivered many of its pledges. We continue to focus on some of the long-term ones and make some fresh pledges in this manifesto.

“We have a common sense, value-for-money approach to running the council. Nationally, councils are cutting services and even declaring bankruptcy. In contrast, the Conservative administration in North East Lincolnshire is improving services and maintaining sound finances.

“We have listened to what you have been telling us you want, whether it be via email, telephone conversations, talking on the doorstep, or meeting you at regular Conservative councillor ward surgeries. We have hosted Meet The Cabinet sessions for members of the public to discuss issues and ideas face-to-face with Cabinet members. These are widely appreciated, and we will continue holding them regularly.

“We have a Conservative council, two Conservative MPs and a Conservative Government committed to ’levelling up’ towns like Grimsby, Cleethorpes and Immingham. The Government has confidence in what we are doing in North East Lincolnshire and is demonstrating this by providing record amounts of investment to support our ambitious growth and regeneration plans.

“Further evidence was the 2023 round of Levelling Up Funding (LUF); many local authorities received nothing, while we had two successful bids totalling £38 million. “Grimsby is also a Long Term Plan For Towns Fund trailblazer and last autumn was awarded a further £20 million of Government grant funding to be spent over the next 10 years.”

Pledges made in the2024 manifesto include:

  • Continued support for the growing renewable energy sector, the Humber Freeport, and other key industry sectors in the borough.
  • Keeping North East Lincolnshire moving forward through better jobs and growth.
  • An undertaking through the Greater Lincolnshire devolution deal negotiated with the Government to bring almost £750 million in funding to the area and more powers locally over the next 30 years.
  • A long-term assurance to continue tackling nuisance issues such as fly-tipping, illegal parking, and littering, and to also make further improvements to the area’s streets, parks, and green spaces – again, to make North East Lincolnshire better for everyone.

The manifesto also states the group’s renewed commitments to more efficient waste and recycling collections, in particular by introducing a kitchen food waste service in 2026; a robust focus on Children’s Social Services and building on the improvements already made; building on a track record of highways and transportation successes; placing education and skills as a key priority for future generations to prosper; maintaining North East Lincolnshire’s reputation as a national leader for adult health and social care;  committing to the Carbon Roadmap for a sustainable, greener borough; and a pledge for more and better homes in the right locations.

Coun Jackson said: “As Conservatives, we are encouraging people and communities to make their own decisions and be self-reliant. We want everyone to progress and prosper and we will always try to help those who help themselves.

“Over the past five years, we have delivered many of our manifesto pledges, improving services and making major strides forward with economic development and regeneration of the borough.

“This manifesto summarises our achievements and explains how we will continue improving North East Lincolnshire. We want to make it a place where our children and young people thrive and have good jobs in adulthood.

“We hope you will continue to support us in the local elections on Thursday, May 2.”

Read the manifesto here.