Monthly Archive 26 February 2021

Revised plans for Grimsby town centre submitted to Government

A fresh home for Grimsby’s Top Town Market, with a new cinema and leisure offer nearby, remains the priority of a multi-million-pound plan to reinvent the town centre.

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Labour’s public budget attack is electoral point scoring

In the press today, the Labour opposition group’s criticism of the recently approved budget has been slammed as opportunistic and a possible example of electoral point scoring.

The Deputy Leader of North East Lincolnshire Council, Councillor Stan Shreeve, has rebutted Labour’s comments. Here is is statement in full:

“I would point out that Labour were aware of the draft budget in January.  The draft went to two elected member scrutiny panels for comment.  Labour did not propose a single change.  There was also an opportunity to propose alternatives at the budget debate, which again Labour failed to propose any alternative.

“In answer to the detailed criticism, services are not being slashed, in fact our programme of front line services continues to be ambitious and the results are clear for all to see.  Our streets are cleaner and greener than when Labour was in power, anti social behaviour is in decline and the new recycle scheme is proving popular, providing more capacity, and is in direct response to public consultation.

“We are also investing in our parks and open spaces for the health and wellbeing of our residents and their children.

“Despite the current circumstances we have embarked on the most ambitious programme of investment, fully supported by Central Government, which will enable the local economy to grow to the benefit of all residents.  Our investment programme is commercially tested, and the borrowing proportionate to need.  We inherited borrowing of over £100m from the previous Labour administration, not all of which was subject to such commercial scrutiny

“Regarding the Floral Hall, the incumbent tenant has elected to vacate the premises; this is not a NEL decision.  We are currently reviewing a number of alternatives to ensure the Floral Hall remains in use.

“Also the proposals to consolidate Family Hubs came from a multi agency working group, which proposed focussing on service delivery, much of it closer to home,  rather than maintaining underutilised buildings. There is no reduction in services or access to services, in fact the reverse is true.

“We are in exceptional times and Coronavirus is having a dramatic effect on all of our lives.  Support from Central Government has been astonishing and continues. As a council we have to take our share of the financial task. It is a matter of regret that we have had to propose this council tax increase, but whether we like it or not North East Lincolnshire council cannot take any other course in the short term. I would point out that we are increasing the level of support for our most vulnerable residents through the hardship fund by over 200%.

“Many councils up and down the country are also applying similar increases and there are some finding themselves in severe financial difficulties, which we have avoided through our strong financial management.

“I cannot help but speculate that Labour’s strident criticism is due to the imminence of local elections.”

New exercise furniture installed on the North Prom

Street furniture designed to rest, chat or exercise on has been installed along Cleethorpes’ North Prom – but it comes with a reminder for people to comply with lockdown and resist the temptation to use or view it straight away.

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“We managed to do in 18 months what Labour failed to do in eight years”

A stronger economy and stronger communities remain the priorities of the Conservative administration in North East Lincolnshire.

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Update from our Park ward candidate

On May 6, you have the chance to shape the future of North East Lincolnshire by voting in the local election. 

Here, Daniel Westcott, Conservative candidate for the Park ward, shares an update on what’s been happening in the ward…

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New railings installed at speeding hotspot

On May 6, you have the chance to shape the future of North East Lincolnshire by voting in the local election. 

Here, Martyn Sandford, the Conservative candidate for the Yarborough ward, explains how he identified an issue with unsafe parking and speeding cars, and the happy end result.

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2,000 properties stand empty in North East Lincolnshire

There are more than 2,000 properties standing empty in our area, figures released by the Council this week revealed.

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New apartment opens as project hailed ‘huge success’

A new 15 x one bed apartment block has unveiled in Grimsby by North East Lincolnshire Council this week, offering independent living opportunities to meet the area’s adult social care needs.

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Bin days are changing

Waste and recycling collection days in North East Lincolnshire are changing from 8 March.

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Creative organisations sought to deliver ambitious programme

How would you like to be a part of delivering a brand new creative programme in Grimsby for 2021 and beyond?

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