Local Plan Review: questions answered on video

Local Plan Review: questions answered on video

Spatial Planning Manager Ian King (above) answers frequently asked questions as the public consultation into the draft North East Lincolnshire Local Plan Review continues – and if you have a question you can ask him!

PEOPLE across North East Lincolnshire are being given the opportunity to put questions to a leading officer as part of the on-going public consultation into the draft Local Plan Review.

The borough’s Spatial Planning Manager Ian King is answering some of the most frequently asked questions during a special video session, which will be going live on North East Lincolnshire Council’s Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/NELCouncil- external site  and YouTube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bocsQycA3U8- external site  at 7pm tomorrow, Thursday 22 February. The video is 18-minutes long as it covers a lot of questions with thorough answers – so please do feel free to jump to the questions you are interested in or watch it in sections and send your questions in at any time as the comments sections will be monitored.

As reported, the proposed Local Plan Review is subject to public consultation until Friday 8 March. People are asked to take part to have their say on proposals to shape and develop North East Lincolnshire in the years ahead. All residents who take part will be entered into a draw with a chance of winning a £100 shopping voucher.

To explain parts of the Plan and its review, Ian, who works with the council’s delivery partner Equans, is on video explaining some of the queries that he and his colleagues have been asked during public sessions this month.

And when people watch the video, if their questions have not been answered then they can ask them by putting them in the comments feed of Facebook or YouTube or by emailing Spatialplanning@nelincs.gov.uk

Any questions submitted will be considered and replies will be posted onto the FAQs section on our special Local Plan Review page: www.nelincs.gov.uk/local-plan-review/

Ian explained: “Clearly there may be lots of other questions and points that people may wish to have explained. The Local Plan, by its very nature, is in parts quite technical and it often helps if people can directly ask questions to ensure they fully understand certain phrases or statements. Armed with that correct information they can then give valuable feedback.

“Our public events do give that opportunity, however we thought this video online session would also help,” he added.

North East Lincolnshire Council’s Portfolio Holder for the Environment and Transport, Cllr Stewart Swinburn, added: “We are very pleased that people are taking an interest in this review – at a recent public session in Immingham there were 22 people who attended to ask questions and discuss various topics. This is what we want, and we thank all those for taking part. Please do take the time to listen to what Ian says and ask questions.”

The easiest way for people to comment on the review during the consultation is via the web-based Consultation Portal Consultation Home – Keystone (objective.co.uk)- external site  This allows people to add comments directly alongside the relevant sections of the online document. It also ensures that no responses are lost in the post or missed.

However people can download a copy of the response form from the Consultation Portal Consultation Home – Keystone (objective.co.uk)- external site  or the council’s website Draft Plan with Options | NELC (nelincs.gov.uk) and follow the link that says ‘How to respond to this consultation’ complete the form, and then send it to us via email to: Spatialplanning@nelincs.gov.uk.

Paper copies of the response forms are available on request from the Planning Department at: EQUANS, Municipal Offices, Town Hall Square , Grimsby, DN31 1HU.

Previous stories, the frequently asked questions and a video can also be found on  www.nelincs.gov.uk/local-plan-review/

Article and image from NELC.

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