Review of library and archive service closing this week

Review of library and archive service closing this week

The first stage of the review of library and archive services across North East Lincolnshire is coming to a close at the end of this week with nearly 600 people already having contributed their views.

The current statutory library service and archive service is operated by Lincs Inspire Ltd, from four key sites across the borough, Grimsby Central Library, Cleethorpes Library, Immingham Library and Waltham Library. The Archives service operates from within Grimsby Town Hall.

Cllr Hayden Dawkins, Cabinet member for Culture, Heritage and the Visitor Economy, explained: “We know that post-Covid, the way people use our archives and libraries is changing. We also know that although in person visits are returning gradually, last year, they were around two thirds of previous levels. Alongside this, we also know that many local people do not currently visit our archives and libraries or are unaware of the services that they offer.”

“We want to understand how people currently use the libraries and archives, or indeed why they don’t use them so that, with Lincs Inspire, we can help shape services for the future that fit local needs.”

As previously reported, this consultation will be carried out in two main stages throughout 2024.

In the first stage, which ends on 22 March 2024, the Council is asking both users and non-users of library and archive facilities about the service in order to understand what’s important to them, how they use, these services and indeed, if they are aware of the full suite of services offered and what they view as the opportunities for the services in the future.

This review will support the Council and Lincs Inspire in:

  • Understanding how current user behaviour has changed and what are service delivery requirements for the future.
  • Understanding what residents want from the service for the future, covering both user and non-user public consultation.
  • Looking at how the area’s demographics may change demand for services.
  • Considering the strategic fit of library and archive provision and how it complements wider outcomes and collaboration with other services such as health, business / resident support, internal council services and leisure.
  • Understanding trends and our approach to library and archive service delivery, and how this compares to industry practice.
  • Understanding the future local priorities for funding resources and how this is best utilised across the library and archives service.
  • Developing a long-term plan for the future of library and archive services.

The results of the first stage of consultation will inform proposals about how the services may look in the future, which will be the subject of the second stage of consultation, likely to be released in the late spring or summer of 2024.

To take part in the consultation, visit external site  and give your views by 22 March.

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