Tackling the blight of illegal motorbikes in borough

Tackling the blight of illegal motorbikes in borough

The community, police and other organisations are working together to reduce the blight of illegal motorcycles.

At the recent full meeting of North East Lincolnshire Council, Councillor Tom Furneaux asked Councillor Ron Shepherd, the Portfolio Holder for Stronger and Safer Communities, about proposals to tackle the situation.

Councillor Shepherd told the meeting: “The use of an unregistered uninsured motorcycle is a criminal matter and is predominantly enforced by Humberside Police, however, a full partnership approach is being developed linked to the police operation across Humberside to tackle off-road motorbikes called Operation Yellowfin. 

“Numerous partners have come together to tackle the issue and as a result, reported incidents over the last three months have reduced considerably from 100 in September to 65 in November. It is accepted that the numbers are still too high, and work continues to reduce it further.”

He told members how the council’s Anti-Social Behaviour Team works closely with Humberside Police and wider partners, and has the ability to deploy a range of activity/interventions, including:

  • Police powers around seizure and destruction of motorbikes at identified locations/addresses. 
  • Deployment of the council’s rapid deployment cameras into hotspot areas to gather evidence, with four cameras currently deployed.
  • An agreement with Humberside Police to utilise Community Protection Warnings/Notices where evidence exists, served by the council on the owner, leading to a fine if they continue to use the motorbike anti-socially. 
  • Where feasible and finance allows, efforts are made to design out the problem. For example, several access and egress points on Bradley pitches have been blocked off with specially designed barriers following concerns.
  • An agreement with Lincolnshire Housing Partnership to enforce tenancy agreements, send out warning letters and serve notice on to occupiers who continue to commit antisocial acts that affect the wider community. 
  • Work continues with petrol stations to raise awareness of issues in order to reduce access to fuel. Where a petrol station is deemed to be acting irresponsibly, warning would be given with the potential for the council to review or revoke their licence.
  • Encouragement of local communities to pass on information they may have that identifies perpetrators or where bikes are being stored.

Residents are urged to pass on information to the police on 101 or anonymously to Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.

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